written by Wanda

Kaki West Is Fit, Stays Fit.

Former Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week, Kaki West, is gorgeous, isn’t she? In all honesty though, I’m not sure I love these photos as much as I’d like to. Son’t get my wrong. I’m not taking anything away from Kaki here. She’s definitely beautiful and she looks fantastic in these pictures. There’s just something about them that leave me feeling a little underwhelmed. I usually love this type of setting so maybe that’s what’s throwing me off. It’s hard not to expect too much, especially with a girl as lovely as Kaki. All the same, she definitely looks great and her workout routine is clearly paying off because her body is killer.


  • Yes I agree that she does have a killer body. But then again when you are in Playboy you sort of have to be fit. I think that she is fantastic looking as well. A great body, and I would love to work out with her.

  • Hopefully thanks to this beauty the Sox will win more! Makes me want to stretch more in that park!

  • Kaki is not a person that I know of, but she looks great here. I mean you have to love a woman who takes care of herself and it is apparent that she does. She has a tight toned fit body that I can only dream of.