written by Wanda

Karissa Shannon And Her Butt Crack

Wearing her best USA warm up jacket, socks and nothing else (aside from a boat load of makeup), Karissa Shannon, co-star of E!’s Girls Next Door, went for the mail. That’s it. Did I mention she wasn’t wearing pants and, oops! Showed off her naked bare ass for the cameras? Perhaps this Playboy Bunny and convicted criminal was in such a rush to get her junk mail that she forgot her pants. I know I’ve personally had that problem several time. Talk about embarrassing. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. Granted, there were no cameras at my house and my ass has never been in Playboy – that I’m aware of – but something tells me, Karissa doesn’t mind that cameras caught her ‘accidental’ booty reveal. And hey – I’m not complaining. An ass like that should be on display as often as possible.

Karissa Shannon Karissa Shannon Karissa ShannonKarissa Shannon Karissa Shannon


  • Who is she ?

  • Playboy Bunny and one of the Girls Next Door

  • She’s a slut not to mention ugly the original girls next door were a billion times better give me bridget kendra and Holly any day over this ugly fake looking whore heff def traded down with the new ho’s

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