written by Wanda

Karissa Shannon’s Ass For The Cameras

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Karissa Shannon does nothing for me. I know I’m probably in the minority there, but I can’t help what I feel. She’s boring. I wasn’t even really all that interested in her sex tape even though it was supposedly one of the raunchiest celebrity sex tapes of all time. I don’t know. There’s just nothing special about her to me. She lived with Hef so it’s more or less impossible to avoid comparing her with other women that have played that role. Karissa is no Holly or Kendra. With all that said, even I have to admit she has a pretty nice ass. I guess that’s all you really need in Karissa’s line of work.


  • 7bb walla ta fale3lik hal legging w khalike tsarkhe men el yom la boukra

  • Hope she didnt have gas wearing those leggings. And if she did we I feel bad for the poor thong.

  • great ass

  • id love to give her some good anal