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Karissa Shannon Changes A Tire?

I’m bored of Karissa Shannon. Actually, the truth is, I kind of forgot she existed. Yeah, she’s gorgeous. Yeah, she isn’t afraid to get naked. Yeah, she’s just like any other girl in the pages of Playboy except she actually went a step further and hopped in bed with Hef. I’m sorry. I don’t care what an awesome guy he is. It’s all about money and girls like that sincerely skeeze me out. I’m sure Hef’s a real peach, but come on. He’s not only old enough to be Karissa’s grandfather, but he was also shared between her and her sister. No one cares about all that though. So yeah, here’s a pretty blond girl with her boobs hanging out while she pretends to change a tire – or something to do with a tire, anyway.

Karissa Shannon changes a tire?

Karissa Shannon changes a tire? Karissa Shannon changes a tire? Karissa Shannon changes a tire? Karissa Shannon changes a tire? Karissa Shannon changes a tire?


  • I saw Karissa and her twin sister on Celebrity Big Brother UK last month and really could not stand the both of them. To me, they came across as manipulative, shallow, self-absorbed, spoilt and childish. Didn’t like them at all.

  • That is really gross that Hef is shared between her sister and her. It is like sleeping with your sister. Totally uncalled for but hey it is her life and I am not here to judge.

  • hilda, most people nowadays are shallow ***s, blame the media,

  • Wow she is so hot. Mr Hef is very lucky. But you are right. It is sick that she hopped into bed with him. He is so much older than her. And I know that age does not matter but Hef only goes after gals that are much younger than him so it is twisted and sick.

  • what a *** teaser

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