written by Wanda

Karissa Shannon Has A Hot Body And Horrible Hair

Okay, Karissa Shannon and her twin sister are out of the Playboy Mansion but they’re still Playboy Bunnies. They still appear on Girl’s Next Door. How is it possible Karissa can’t afford to do something with her hair to make it look less like a bad wig you would buy at Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, Karissa is a knockout. She has no problem showing off her impressive body of work – by which I mean her boobs and her butt – on the beaches of Malibu – and her face is gorgeous, but the hair! Karissa, honey, I really hope you didn’t spend you own money on that mess because if you did, you need to demand a refund! That said, nice ass.

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  • true.. nothing but her hot looking ass

  • is it me, or she would do just anything to pose naked rather than in a bikini?

  • Regardless of her hairstyle which I don’t think really matters, she does a good job of displaying the colors on a very important day.

  • I like the tattoo above her ass…

  • Well, someone needs to promote the USA, if football players can’t lol

  • Karissa is even wearing american printed thong

  • Tacky bikini. Awful tramp stamp.

  • True statement… nice ass. Although, IMO, the automobile hood-ornament looking tat before the eyes arrive there is unfortunate. Beautiful hair. Lovely boobs. God Bless America. Now, if you could just not speak… a perfect world.

  • i wanna lick her ass hole

  • i’m not sure that even counts as a bikini, its barely covering anything! amazing ass, amazing body in general, but shes so slutty that itd be embarassing to be seen with her. still worthwhile to get to tap that ass though….

  • I would tear that pussy up


  • She does have a great body and her hair is pretty messed up. Looks sort of trashy in my book. Do something with it and you will look so much better displaying our nation’s colors.


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