written by Wanda

Karissa Shannon In Sexy White Bikini

Karissa Shannon doesn’t appear to have a care in her pretty blond head as she enjoys her time at a hotel in Las Vegas. Surely there must be at least one though. It can’t be easy to ignore the fact that somewhere out there, a sex tape exists featuring you and a pretty, albeit heavily surgically altered woman named Heidi Montag. It must be even harder to ignore the fact that said sex tape is apparently in the hands of Montag’s ex-husband; a delightful fellow (if you could see my face, you would see my eyes rolling right now) named Spencer Pratt. Somehow, though, Ms. Shannon, former girlfriend of none other than Hugh Hefner, doesn’t seem all that concerned. Some believe that could be because all this drama about the sex tape is nothing other than that – drama… carefully orchestrated to bring Heidi, Spencer and Karissa back into the headlines. Could it be true? Well, no one knows other than the three parties involved, but I’m sure the truth will come out. It usually does.

Karissa Shannon Karissa Shannon Karissa ShannonKarissa Shannon Karissa Shannon


  • Are you rolling your eyes at his name? I mean, Spencer PRATT. WTF!

  • I’m rolling my eyes at him in general. That guy… I just can’t understand how someone can live their life being that much of a boob. I mean, I don’t know the guy, but he’s… such a boob! No wonder he got Heidi implants. It probably had nothing to do with her appearance. He probably just got tired of being the biggest boob in the room all the time.

  • How old is Karissa, she looks a bit weathered. She has a nice body for her age, but she should treat her feet better, and rid herself of that tramp stamp!!!!