written by Wanda

Karissa Shannon Picks Out Pumpkins

It’s kind of weird to see Karissa Shannon doing something relatively normal while wearing something moderately conservative. I mean, sure, she’s wearing shorts so short her ass cheek hangs out a bit and a short so tight you can see every curve of her upper body but the fact that she’s wearing shorts at all is a step up from her usual attire. She has a killer body and she loves to show it off – as often as she can. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s really her fame-whoreynesss that bugs me, but she’s hardly the worst offender. There are rumors that Miss Shannon has written, or is going to write, a tell-all book about her time at the Playboy Mansion that has a lot of Hugh Hefner’s previous girlfriends up in arms, and likely Hef himself. If I were here, I’d be a little more careful what bridges I burned. If it wasn’t for Hef, no one would even know her name. Come to think of it, would that really be such a bad thing?

Karissa Shannon Karissa Shannon Karissa ShannonKarissa Shannon


  • Three objects one picture… ass, pumpkin and a dog. This is too much for me Karissa. I can’t handle it :))

  • It’s great to find an expert who can eplaxin things so well

  • Karissa is so pretty. I think that her hair is gorgeous, she has a wonderful complexion, and her body is amazing. It is nice to see her doing something that anyone not famous would be doing. Karissa is a true beauty.

  • Karissa put the dog down and cum play with me honey your gorgeous