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Karissa Shannon Sizzles In Pink

Karissa Shannon, the brawling Playboy bunny prone to flashing her ass as often as she can, actually manages to keep it covered in these pictures. What a shame, right? I mean, sure, it’s barely covered, but all the same. That is one fine rear end and it couldn’t be more obvious that she knows it. With rumors that either her or her twin sister will be writing a memoir of their time as Hef’s girlfriends making the rounds, the lovely girls have drawn the ire of the girlfriends that have gone before them. I, personally, can’t wait for this tell all. It promises to be an engrossing (and likely just plain gross) read. For now, though, we have these pictures of Karissa in some sort of pink thing. Swim wear? A bikini perhaps? Whatever it is, she looks incredible. I hope the book has pictures!

Karissa Shannon sizzles in pink

Karissa Shannon sizzles in pink Karissa Shannon sizzles in pink Karissa Shannon sizzles in pinkKarissa Shannon sizzles in pink Karissa Shannon sizzles in pink Karissa Shannon sizzles in pink


  • Ass-tacular!

  • true.. ass of Karissa is hot

  • id lick her (____o____)(^____^)

  • Just what would i love to do to you Karissa?

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