written by Wanda

Kat Dennings Busting Out On The ‘Thor’ Red Carpet

I adore Kat Dennings. I don’t often admit to liking ‘The House Bunny’ but I’ll say this, I didn’t hate it and I loved Kat as Mona in it. ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’? One of my all time favorite movies. Well, maybe not, but it was pretty damn good. I think Kat is fabulous. I’m going to get all Twilight on you for a moment. Okay, I was a big fan of the books and I think the movies are okay, but when I heard about the movies, my first thought was Kat Dennings should play Bella. She would’ve been fabulous. Awkward and a little clumsy but beautiful in her own way. I think that’s Kat to a tee. I know there are men out there that won’t agree with me, but I think Kat is one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation. After seeing her in these pictures from the arrivals at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Thor’ held at the El Capitan Theatre, I only believe that more. I love everything about this look. Her body is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see Thor and I’m so glad she landed a part in it.


  • huh … i want those boobies

  • she is a stunner, great looking lady with a great rack

  • now thats a real women with curves, some thick ass legs and big boobs, she would get it for sure

  • she is hot as hell, great face and her body is immense lovely big knockers, she sure knows how to work it, very nice pics