written by Wanda

Kate Beckinsale And Her Fantastic Ass In LA

You know what I love most about Kate Beckinsale? She can be sexy and show off her body without looking trashy or sleazy. Even dressed down in casual attire with her hair a little on the messy side as she strolls around LA, Kate looks stunning. I haven’t seen all of her movies, but what I have seen, I’ve definitely enjoyed. She’s just the kind of woman that appeals to me on all levels. She’s classy, smart, sexy, talented and witty. Her interviews are always enjoyable and her photos are always sexy. If I was forced to name my favorite Hollywood woman, Kate Beckinsale would probably come out on top.


  • Kate has always been a favorite of mine. She looks great no matter what she wears. I love the fact that she looks so casual here. She is a stunning actress, I have enjoyed all the work she has done.

  • she is a babe