written by Nabanita

Kate Beckinsale: Beauty In Black

It’s not for nothing that on often hears that you can’t go wrong with black, and that’s just what Kate Beckinsale proved with her appearance at the Mercedes Benz Fashion week. She looked just so appealing with that knee length black dress complete with black stockings. Here was a total no skin show affair but no one’s’ complaining because her pretty black dress sure did accentuate her perfect curves. Her look was complete with the perfect heels and shades which added slight color. Here’s a look that states that even simple can look stunning. One more thing it’s not just the black but oodles of self confidence when it comes to Kate Beckinsale.

Kate Beckinsale

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  • How much self confidence does one need to have to think they have a fat ass? Every straight man on the planet thinks it’s perfect…or is she just being modest? Anyway…she’d look good in baby-shit green…she transcends such things and renders them meaningless.

  • I thinks she is one of those perfect celebrities. Great person, great body!