written by Wanda

Kate Beckinsale Goes Shopping

I adore Kate Beckinsale in ways that probably aren’t healthy or normal but I don’t care. Who needs to be healthy or normal? Kate is just one of those women who makes me absolutely weak in the knees. She’s stunning. She’s got a fantastic body, a beautiful face, long flowing hair and a great personality. She’s got everything going for her and I love that. In these photos, we see Kate shopping in Pacific Palisades looking just as ¬†flawless as usual. This isn’t a woman that needs a hair and makeup team to make her look fantastic. She’s a natural beauty and I certainly wouldn’t complain if I got to spend the day shopping with her. I don’t particularly enjoy shopping but it would be worth it to get to spend the day looking at this stunning creature.

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  • she is sexy, who is the girl with her she is nice too, babes