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Kate Beckinsale Hits The Grocery In Style

Now if everybody goes to the grocery just like how “Underworld” lead actress Kate Beckinsale does, you can just imagine the thousands of people who will then hit the store just to ogle at pretty, beautiful ladies shopping for toys, diapers and milk! Kate, dressed in sheer leggings, black coat and sporting that huge grin, was recently seen doing her shopping chores at a grocery. Wonder what she bought? Clicky click for more pictures of Kate!

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale Shopping Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale 3.jpg Kate Beckinsale 4.jpg Kate Beckinsale 5.jpg Kate Beckinsale 6.jpg Kate Beckinsale 7.jpg


  • I’d stick myself in her =))

  • Boots, Miniskirt, Pantyhouse Nylons… is there anything more we need?

  • yeah, we need some more good pics of her in some tight sport pants!


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