written by Wanda

Kate Beckinsale Is A Stunning Creature

Sometimes when I look at Kate Beckinsale, I feel genuinely blessed that I’m fortunate enough to get paid to write about photos of her. Sometimes this job isn’t easy to do. I have to write about people I don’t like, people I don’t feel deserve to be called celebrities or have to write unkind things about actresses/singers/models I respect. I’m kind of soft hearted for that. I’d make a terrible reality show judge because I’d never want to say anything mean about anyone. Then days like this come along. So far today I’ve had the opportunity to write about Taylor Swift, Rachel Bilson, Sofia Vergara and now Kate Beckinsale. Definitely a good day thus far. Here we see Kate looking gorgeous at College House Junior School in Nottingham and I love the photos. Yes, a good day for sure.

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