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Kate Beckinsale’s Hot Pants

Kate Beckinsale looked beautiful as a domineering, sexy woman in her workshop of tools. This fashion shoot was for Mean Magazine. Kate had a great model’s body. She had some cheeky poses in her repertoire. On her private life, Kate said that her daughter, Lily, 9, might be discovering friendships with boys soon. She hoped that her choice would be Brooklyn Beckham, who was also 9. Kate’s family and the Beckhams had socialized on numerous occasions and Kate approved of Brooklyn.

Kate Beckinsale

great model’s body hot pants sexy woman domineering Mean Magazine Kate Beckinsale 6.jpg Kate Beckinsale 7.jpg Kate Beckinsale 8.jpg Kate Beckinsale 9.jpg Kate Beckinsale 10.jpg Kate Beckinsale 11.jpg Kate Beckinsale 12.jpg Kate Beckinsale 13.jpg Kate Beckinsale 14.jpg Kate Beckinsale 15.jpg

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  • Grrr that’s amazing photo shoot… I’d like to see more like these!


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