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Kate Gosselin Looks Good In A Bikini I Suppose

Seriously? Are we still talking about Kate Gosselin? There are few ‘celebrities’ I hate more than this baby making machine. I loathe her and everything she stands for. About the only thing I hate more than Kate is her former partner in crime whose name I refuse to mention. I just wish they would both disappear into oblivion, allowing the rest of the world to forget they ever existed. The Gosselins represent for me everything wrong with the world today. They’re greedy, money hungry scum bags willing to sell out their own kids to turn a buck. She popped out eight kids and that makes her famous? That makes her news worthy? The only thing that makes her to me is yet another bored suburban housewife who thinks having more kids to add to the over population and over consumption that is going to destroy the world will make her feel more happy and more fulfilled. Your kids are going to look back on their time on reality TV and hate you. They’ll hate you and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. Now that the kids aren’t enough to keep your name in your headlines you’ll take your clothes off to get the flashbulbs popping. The only thing that makes this whole disaster worse is that its working. Here I am writing about you, Kate Gosselin and that makes me feel so dirty I need to go have a shower. No cameras allowed.

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  • I just don’t care what anyone says about this lady, she turns me on. I would totally do her.

  • God she is very hot looking woman. Jon is nuts to have left her WOW