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Kate Hudson Isn’t Fat So Don’t Even.

Oh people. I saw a set of photos similar to the ones you’re seeing here on another website and the person who posted the photos said Kate Hudson has let herself go. That’s not true. That’s not even a little bit true. I remember a time not long ago when a magazine that shall not be named accused Kate of being anorexic, describing her as painfully thin. While she denied the reports and wound up being compensated for the false reports, I have to admit she was a little on the skinny side back then. I’ll take the curvier Kate we’re seeing on a beach in Mexico here in these photos to the skin and bones Kate of a few years back. It’s things like the article I mentioned at the beginning of this post that put pressure on healthy women to lose weight. I think Kate is gorgeous. I know people are going to disagree but I stand by my opinion. That’s the thing about opinions – everyone has their own and everyone has the right to express it.

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