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Kate Hudson Plays Beach Volley Ball

Kate Hudson brought her son, Ryder, and her good looking friend to Manhattan Beach in California, on August 14. Kate wore a black swim suit and a short, sexy, summer skirt while her mysterious friend stripped down to his shorts to play beach volley ball with her. Kate’s next movie on the big screen is “My Best Friend’s Girl.” This is a comedy about how a guy hired his best friend to take his ex girlfriend out on a date to show her the bad habits of a bad guy. He hoped to win his ex girlfriend back by highlighting the shortcomings of bad guys.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson 1.jpg My Best Friend’s Girl Kate Hudson 3.jpg Ryder Kate Hudson 5.jpg stripped down summer skirt Beach Volley Ball Kate Hudson 9.jpg Kate Hudson 10.jpg Kate Hudson 11.jpg Kate Hudson 12.jpg Kate Hudson 13.jpg Kate Hudson 14.jpg Kate Hudson 15.jpg

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  • Kate likes to play with balls.


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