written by Wanda

Kate Middleton In Black V-neck Dress

Kate Middleton is a beautiful, classy woman with style and poise. I don’t think Prince William could’ve found a more perfect bride. She doesn’t seem stuffy and entitled which is definitely what I like the most about her. It doesn’t hurt that she’s attractive. With the Royal Wedding only a few days away, all eyes are on her and, while I admit I’m not really following the whole thing, it should be quite an event. I can’t imagine the pressure she must feel, but it doesn’t show at all. I love this girl and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for William and Kate.


  • She is soooooo sexy, The other women in that main pic is rather tasty too, Imagine having Kate Middleton in your bed god that woudl be something she would be a great shag I think

  • sexy as hell, if i were there i would be checking her out, the women with her is fit as fuck too

  • words cant describe how sexy i find kate middleton she is peng

  • Fit as Fuck, I wanna meet her, are there any Karren Brady pictures anywhere, saw her in person recently and she is busty as fuck, great rack, nice legs and heels on, nice stuff, she is such a MILF.

    jo Joyner should be added too if any good pics

  • i want to bang kate middleton so bad her and pippa now thats a nice threesome.

  • she is nice better than pippa tho i wouldnt kick either out of bed, I agree on Karren Brady tho luke, her face not so much but her body is good enough big tits, watched her on the apprentice enough her clothes on that were a bit crap but sometimes we would see a bit of cleavage and legs, feet etc and i could then jerk off to her,

    And Jo Joyner is a milf and a half, i love busty curvy women like her

  • she is gorgeous, she would be a good shag too i bet.

    I agree with some of the other guys, Karren Brady is well known wish she had some good caps on here, I watched apprentice for her, some good leg shots she does have big boobs when on display even tho she always looks mad, I wish I met her and I also agree on Jo Joyner she is bang tidy

  • pure gorgeous, she looks nice, karren brady not keen on her face but her body is well good yh i agree, big knockers on her

  • she has no boobs at all, flat and karren brady are you guys kidding on her?

    She has a face of a dog, Jo Joyner is milf, but ill pass on mrs karren brady even tho I bet she can fuck good