written by Wanda

Kate Moss Shows Some Vag In London

While I really like Kate Moss – always have, probably always will – I would never say she is the classiest lady to ever hit the runaway. I think that might be a big part of what I like about her, actually. She is certainly beautiful and all of that but she’s never struck me as the type of woman that is terribly concerned with how others see her – very unusual for a supermodel. In these shots, snapped in London, we are certainly seeing a whole lot of Kate and I’d be willing to bet she’s showing us far more than she intended to. I’m not convinced she cared in the least though. In fact, I would bet she doesn’t. She’s always been very comfortable with her body. Crotch shot aside, I think these photos are great. I’m not sure I love what she’s wearing but she looks as fabulous as she always does.

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