written by Wanda

Kate Upton Is Not Freaking Fat.

If Kate Upton is fat, I demand to see photos of someone who is skinny. I mean that. I don’t believe a skeleton with skin stretched over it is sexy. You know who I think is sexy? Kate freaking Upton. Look at this woman! I demand to know where the fat is on that body. For those of you that have no idea what the heck I’m talking about, let me tell you all about it. A few weeks back, a blogger posted a rather scathing review of Kate’s body. In this post, the woman called Kate a whole lot of extremely unpleasant names, fat probably being the nicest of them. I would link to the blog but it doesn’t deserve more traffic than it already gets. Let me be clear. There is nothing in the world wrong with being skinny. I am a very skinny girl. The skeleton with skin stretched over it? That’s pretty much me. I’m okay with that. Kate has a bit of meat on her bones but that does not mean she’s fat. The blog in question said it’s designed to help skinny women feel comfortable with who they are. That’s fine. I agree that skinny women sometimes get picked on just as much as heavier women and that’s wrong. My problem is the idea that you have to tear someone else down to make yourself feel better. I can be harsh on celebrities sometimes but I’m not here to make anyone feel good and I would never call out a woman on her body type unless she looked unhealthy – heavy women and skinny women alike. People need to learn how to be cool with who they are or work toward looking how they want to look in a healthy way. It’s about respecting yourself but that doesn’t mean disrespecting other people in the process.


  • Trust me, any “fat” she has is on her in all the correct places. ;)))

  • i love this chubby girl….who is that girl in the pic???

  • Kate Upton is fricken hot. I mean that. She is just the right size in my book. She is smoking. I do not think that she is too thin at all. She is not fat by any means either. Just perfect sized.