written by Wanda

Kate Upton Shows Off Her Body In A Glamorous New Photo Shoot.

I adore Kate Upton. I love the way she handled all that “Kate Upton is fat” garbage from a few months back and I love that she continues to show off her sexy body, proving there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way she looks. These photos are incredible. Are they a little trashy? Yes, but I think Kate pulls the look off beautifully. It can be hard too stay on the right side of “too trashy” but Kate definitely does that here. I love that these photos put it to the edge of too far and pull it back just enough to keep the photos looking sexy. I don’t have the information in front of me but judging by the style of the photographs, I have to assume these shots come to us courtesy of the always brilliant Terry Richardson. Again, I don’t know for sure but they have the edgy feel he often goes for and executes so well. Man, that guy – he knows how to do a photo shoot and Kate Upton? She definitely knows how to strike a pose.


  • Kate is so pretty. These photos of her are wonderful. She is a true model. I think that she looks very sexy in them. She takes such great care of herself and should be a role model for everyone.

  • stunner, that ass is so good