written by Wanda

Kate Upton Takes A Braless Stroll In Beverly Hills

A lot of people like to say that going braless is classless and trashy. I like to think that these photos of Kate Upton in Beverly Hills prove otherwise. Kate looks absolutely beautiful – relaxed, casual and yet still classy and perhaps even sophisticated. Her shoes? Those things are incredible. I have a serious shoe fetish and the ones she’s wearing in these photos appear to me on all levels. What really strikes me about these pictures is that the fact that she’s not wearing a bra is really just a sort of an after thought. The real star of these pictures is Kate herself and her fashion sense. While she’s known for her work as a model, it’s nice to see she looks just as good without a team of people putting her look together. I’m thrilled to see how much success she’s been having as of late and hope it continues.




  • My breasts would be dragging behind me on the sidewalk if I went braless! And for that reason, I hate Kate Upton. Totally.

    OK, kidding (about Kate, not my wonderfully gravity-submissive bazoongas!)

    I agree, she looks very classy in all black.

  • I don’t know why, but I find the shoes she has on quite scary. I think it’s the shape of it at the front. She obviously likes them, so that’s what matters.

    Lol, Tanya! Your breasts dragging on the sidewalk! Heheeeeee!! Hilarious! It’s great you have a sense of humor about it. :-)

  • Black really suits her, I think. She looks casual and classy.

    Tanya, that’s funny the way you put it about your boobs. Ha ha ha!

    Camii: I hear what you’re saying about Kate’s shoes. I happen to love them though!

  • great cleavage on show from this hottie

  • yummy