written by Wanda

Katharine McPhee In Green Striped Bikini

Can anyone even remember if Katharine McPhee won American Idol anymore? Does anyone remember who beat her if she didn’t win? Does it even matter? Looking at the lovely McPhee here in Santa Barbara there is no doubt that she wins the contest for sexiest body on a former AI alum. I mean, come on. Imagine Kelly Clarkson in this same bikini. While I love Kelly Clarkson and she’s probably a better singer than Katharine, there is no contest in the body department. I have to imagine if there was a talent contest that pitted Kelly against Katharine, Kelly would wipe the floor with her and I admire her ability to be so confident in her own skin even with the world picking on her about her weight, but if I had to choose a body, I’d go with Katharine all the way. I’m just shallow like that.

Katharine McPhee Katharine McPhee Katharine McPheeKatharine McPhee

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