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Katharine McPhee Models Sexy Clothes

Katharine McPhee, the first runner up in the fifth season of American Idol, modeled a beautiful photo shoot. I think it would be about a day in the life of Katharine McPhee and more as she was seen in formal clothes, casual clothing and even sexy, slinky clothes. McPhee looked beautiful in all of her fashion attire. McPhee used to have stage fright during her competition days at American Idol. McPhee is working on a new music album which may be ready in Spring or Summer 2009.

Katharine McPhee

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  • she is pretty

  • I love it when Katherine shows off her feet. She has sexy feet and she knows it.

  • Damn she is just sexy as sin! Her face is perfect, I love her eyes. She has the killer figure, and usually dresses her arse off.

  • classy

  • she is cute

  • cute indeed


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