written by Ann

Katharine McPhee Sings On Fourth Of July

Katharine McPhee looked beautiful in the Stewart Shining photoshoot. Her sporty outfits and cascading hair make her look very attractive. Katharine sings in some special shows to celebrate the Fourth of July, today. Please check your local TV listings. Many of these shows offer spectacular fireworks at the finale, so don’t miss the annual fun and entertainment. She has a new song coming out. It is a cover song of the 1982 classic “I Know What Boys Like.”

Katharine McPhee

Stewart Shining photoshoot sexy Katharine McPhee American Idol I Know What Boys Like Katharine McPhee by the beach Katharine McPhee 7.jpg Katharine McPhee 8.jpg


  • beautiful babe

  • Katherine has incredibly hot feet, and what’s more, she knows it too. She is always showing her feet off because she knows it makes all her male fans hard. She’s my kind of girl for sure.