written by irene

Katharine McPhee Sizzles In Hawaii

All right, here’s one look at former American Idol sweetheart Katharine McPhee (I say former because she barely had a hit album and she’s recently been dropped by her label!) before she tied the knot with her boyfriend in Hawaii. Lovin’ the hat, girl! And of course… just look at the sexy legs! Wowza, huh? Katharine wed her longtime boyfriend, who’s almost twice her age. This couple does show that age does not matter at all!

Katharine McPhee

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  • She invited a people magazine photographer to take pictures of her in hawaii for publicity, but don’t ya think this will backfire on her with that old pervert huggin and kissin.She is a SLUT!

  • Where did you get this information pattispage?

  • pattispage was over in Kat’s folder at IDF this morning spewing the same crap. We asked her to provide a link for that lie and we never heard from her again. So I’ll ask again.
    Post a link, Patricia.

  • PP is delusional….she has no links and no synapses.She is a ***** and an *****!

  • pattispage… why do you hate her so badly?

  • She does not want her photo taken. Lampshaded head down and bitchy for a honeymooner. Nick however was reveling in it all.

  • She is obviously very jealous. But can you blame her. I mean, McPhee usually dresses well, but that is an ugly dress. And she has no makeup on, that I can tell. And she STILL looks amazing! And look at those legs! She is just a straight-up fox!