written by Wanda

Katherine Heigl In Florida With Her Family

I am almost certain I’ll get a hard time for this one, but I really don’t like Katherine Heigl. I feel like she was attractive at one point in time, but she really destroyed it with that mouth of hers. She comes across as a stuck up, ungrateful diva, and worst, she tries to hide it by acting sugary sweet and wholesome. I can handle a diva. What I don’t like is someone who tries to hide who they are. Whatever though. She’s pretty hot in a typical Hollywood sort of way. Vacation in Florida with husband, Josh Kelley, and her mother, she does look pretty cute in her black bikini. She has a nice enough body. I just can’t help thinking there are tons of other people I’d rather be looking at.


  • I disagree. The media likes to paint that picture of her – but it is very unfair. I will admit to being a fan having met her two or three times. Heigl is really down to earth and normal – about as far from diva as you can get. She is also really nice and has a huge heart and it annoys me she is painted as some kind of she-devil. She has sometimes been a bit too honest for her own good but never nasty or mean and certainly not ungrateful. Other celebrities have done a lot worse for a lot less punishment and I think she is just the punch bag of the press right now. She never gets in trouble, is clean living, no drug or sex scandals, no alcohol fuelled binges, no scandal like so many of her peers. Hugely generous ($1m for animal welfare) and numerous other charity donations, big family person, adorable daughter with special needs she adopted with her husband. Just don’t think she is anything like the picture some elements of the press want you to believe.

    • I really want to like her for the reasons you mentioned. I love the fact that she is charitable, but I’m not just going on what the press says. While some fans have said she’s great, others say quite the opposite. To be fair to her, everyone has bad days and maybe that’s all it’s been with the bad encounters, but it seems she has a lot of those bad days. There are a lot of rumors about her less than friendly interactions with co-stars and cast members; particularly on movies. You can never believe everything you read, of course, and I’ve never met the girl myself, but she just rubs me the wrong way.

  • Wanda you can not always go by what the press says. I mean it is great that she is charitable. Good for her for donating to good causes. However, all celebs have good points and bad points, and we are all allowed to have bad days.