written by Ann

Katherine Heigl’s Bikini Pictures

Katherine Heigl wore her pretty pink bikini on her vacation in Mexico. She hit the beach with her husband, Josh Kelley. This Mexican vacation was right after she completed “The Ugly Truth.” Her co-stars were Gerard Butler and Cheryl Hines. The movie will open on April 3, 2009.

Katherine had angered the producers and other people associated with her work when she said that she pulled her name from the Emmys nomination. Her holiday would be a time to chill out.

Katherine Heigl in a bikini

Josh Kelley vacation in Mexico bikini pictures Gerard Butler and Cheryl Hines The Ugly Truth Katherine Heigl 6.jpg Katherine Heigl 7.jpg Katherine Heigl 8.jpg Katherine Heigl 9.jpg


  • Is it me or Katherine looks ugly as hell without makeup?!

  • She needs to keep her body fit! And everything will be okay :)