written by Wanda

Katherine Jenkins Has Lovely Legs

Yes, I doubt that could be debated. Katherine Jenkins definitely has lovely legs and a whole lot of talent. She also happens to be an incredibly beautiful woman. I fell in love with Katherine a long time ago and I haven’t wavered in that love even in the slightest. In these photos from the Odabash MacDonald Resort in London, Katherine is making me feel good about my devotion to her; showing off her killer legs in a classy, sophisticated way. That is one of the things I have always liked about her. While we’ve seen some questionable photos of her, they never seem to be intentional (I believe there were some photos involving Katherine’s bare bum a while back) and I find that admirable in today’s shock a minute celebrity culture. I love this lady and these photos are fantastic.


  • great looking women, awesome legs on her, the lass with her in the white outfit is rather nice too, lovely chunky legs

  • she is pretty, awesome legs, i agree the other women with her is nice looking too and nice feet shots of them, sexy women on show here

  • Katherine is very hot, she is so nice looking