written by Wanda

Katherine Webb Nearly Falls Out Of Her Bathing Suit

So is this show called “Celebrity Diving” or “Splash”? I’ve heard it referred to as both and according to the information I got with these photos, these shots were taken on the set of “Splash” in LA. Is that different from “Celebrity Diving”? Did they rename the show? I don’t honestly care either way. Just curious. Anyway, Katherine Webb looks great in her bathing suit in these shots even though it does sort of look as if she may be moments away from bursting out of it in a few of these pictures. I guess that’s probably appealing to some. Anyway, I don’t get why this show exists. I just don’t. It makes no sense. It’s like “Skating with the Stars”, “Stars Earn Stripes” and countless other reality competition shows that take minor celebrities and ask them to learn skills most average people don’t have all in front of constantly rolling television cameras. It works for “Dancing with the Stars” because dancing lends itself well to that. Diving? I’m not so sure. I guess we’ll see how this one goes. I foresee a rather quick cancellation but I’ve been wrong before.


  • she is new to me but she is a hottie, great caps, the top pic is great her boobs are busting out wow, she is fit indeed

  • great cleavage

  • very sexy