written by Wanda

Katherine Webb On The Set Of Yet Another Pointless Celebrity Reality Show

I like Katherine Webb. She seems like a classy young woman. For those of you who don’t know, Katherine was Miss Alabama USA 2012 but she’s far more well known as the woman Brent Musburger made some (very complimentary) comments about during a football game. Katherine was attending the game because he boyfriend, quarterback A.J. McCarron, was playing and Musburger pointed her out in the crowd on the air and called her ‘a lovely woman’ and ‘beautiful’. How scandalous! Seriously, I don’t get what the fuss was about but regardless, Musburger’s comments catapulted into the spotlight and she seems to have taken advantage of that. It’s worth pointing out though that she defended Musburger in the media, saying she didn’t think he did anything wrong. I concur. Anyway, in these photos, we see Katherine on the set of ‘Celebrity Diving’ in LA – a show that, to me anyway, is basically “Dancing With The Stars” with diving replacing dancing. Ridiculous. I might tune in to see Katherine but I probably won’t be sticking with the show for long. It just sounds too insane.

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  • she is very pretty, and has a great body, nice pics of this babe