written by Wanda

Katie Cassidy Is Way, Way Hotter Than I Thought She Was

Every now and then a new television show hits the airwaves that has me hopelessly addicted from the very first moments of the very first episode. Arrow was just such a show for me. Wednesday is the highlight of my week because it means a brand new episode of my favorite guilty pleasure. Well, most Wednesdays anyway. Is it my imagination or does this show take a ridiculous amount of breaks? Anyway, we’re not here to talk about how awesome Arrow is or how ridiculously frustrating its constant breaks are. We’re here to talk about Katie Cassidy. Katie Cassidy – the most unexpectedly hot actress I’ve ever posted about here. Usually when I get a set of photos of someone, I know what to expect. Meaning, I’m rarely surprised by how how a particular actress is. That was not the case here. I’ve seen a lot of her on Arrow but I didn’t consider her super attractive. I thought she was pretty in a wholesome sort of way but wouldn’t have described her as smoking hot or anything like that. These photos have changed my mind in a very big way. Gorgeous lady. Hey, I’m not to full of myself to admit when I’m wrong and when it comes to Katie Cassidy, I was very, very wrong.


  • Love her, she is sizzling hot, saw her on arrow and had to research her because she is so hot, great we finally get some hot pics of her, love this site too, thanks for adding her, she is very nice looking and has a great figure

  • she is stunning, perfect looks, smashing body she has it all

  • she is a wonderful looking girl and that body is great