written by Wanda

Katie Holmes At Dance Class

Okay, I’m not positive these shots are from dance class but that’s the impression I get so I’m going with it. Anyway, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to talk about Katie Holmes. Here’s what I think. People are way to hard on this girl. She’s beautiful. She’s talented. She seems like a nice enough person. She’s married to Tom Cruise. It seems to be that last one that trips people up. I don’t get why. Sure Tom went a little nuts but he seems to have gotten himself together again and really, what does Tom’s mental state have to do with Katie? I worry about Katie but not because of who she’s married to per say but because of what who she’s married to is doing to her career. She’s been one of my favorite actresses since her days on “Dawson’s Creek” but it seems to me that she has to struggle these days to be taken seriously and that’s just not fair. I hope that changes someday. She’s too talented to live in Tom’s shadow forever.


  • I loved Katie Holmes in Dawson’s Creek. I watch the re-runs every now and again. I wouldn’t be too worried about her career. She was pretty busy last year. She was in The Kennedys, How I Met Your Mother, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Jack & Jill and The Son of No One. That looks pretty busy to me. :-)

    • True, but I think she could be doing bigger things. She also was a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance. It just seems like every time she’s mentioned, she’d referred to as Tom Cruise’s wife and for a lot of people, it’s said with an eye roll. It’s kind of ridiculous that I get my back up about it the way I do. She’s just fine, I’m sure. I just think she deserves way more respect. She’s very talented.

  • Katie’s a grown woman. If she’s feeling unfulfilled or overlooked, only she can do something about it. Remember that lady you wrote about who was unhappy with her weight, then one day got up and did something about it, and now she’s a fitness guru? Well, that’s what Katie needs to do, do something about it if that’s how she’s feeling about where she feels she is. But for all we know, she’s perfectly happy with how things are.

  • Now that she got rid of the wingnut,maybe she’ll get her sexy back.