written by Wanda

Katie Holmes Celebrates Tom Cruise’s Birthday

Can we all get over that whole jumping on the couch thing now? Tom Cruise may have been momentarily insane, but he seems to have pulled himself together. I love these pictures. Katie Holmes is gorgeous, but I’ve always thought that. I liked her body a little more when she had a little meat on her bones, but I’m not ready to say she’s scary skinny just yet. She also just seems like a normal Mom celebrating her husband’s birthday with her daughter by spending a little time at a pool in Miami. I love that Tom and Suri got their faces painted although it would’ve been pretty cute to see Katie participate in that part of the festivities as well. All the same, these pictures make me feel all warm inside. I love these guys.


  • That Tom Cruise coach-jumping episode will run for some time to come, obviously not constantly, but every now and again, it’ll come up again. That’s the way I think it’ll be ’til he does something else crazy.

    Her daughter looks so much like a mini version of her mum.

  • I guess not everyone likes face paint. Or maybe she’s allergic to it, you never know. However, she looked to be swimming with her daughter, so she wasn’t being funny or anything. I mean, it doesn’t look like Tom was swimming with his kid: it’s no big deal who’s doing what with who.

  • thx bro