written by Wanda

Katie McGrath Looks Gorgeous In This Merlin Promo Photo Shoot.

I have never seen “Merlin”. It’s on the list of shows I want to check out but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. These photos of Katie McGrath in the “Merlin” season five promo photo shoot might just be the kick in the pants I need to get on that. I love a beautiful woman with milky skin and dark hair. I think it might be the contrast I find so alluring. I love these photos for that reason but also because she really nails the dark and mysterious look I think the photographer was going for. I’m not actually all that familiar with Katie and her work but I’d like to change that. She’s a beautiful woman and I’m quite certain these photos have convinced me it’s time to give “Merlin” a shot.


  • Looking good there Katie. I have never seen the show either but I am sort of intrigued now to watch it. She looks like she would fit the part to play in this show if I have any idea on what it is about based off what I know about Merlin.

  • very nice looking

  • I won’t to see more skin