written by Wanda

Katrina Bowden Is A Freaking Babe.

Yes, Katrina Bowden is crazy hot but looking at these photos makes me a little sad. They remind me that “30 Rock” is entering its last season and that makes me a little teary eyed. My only hope is that Katrina will play a bigger role this season. She hasn’t really been on the show the last few seasons and I think that’s a shame. She’s beautiful, of course, but she’s also very funny and so is her character on the show. My dream final season of “30 Rock” would feature more Katrina Bowden, more (or maybe just some) Cheyenne Jackson, less Tracy Morgan and it would end with Jack and Liz finally hooking up. It’d also be great to see some of the great guest stars from past seasons return but if I could have just one thing on that list, it would be more Katrina.


  • I have no idea who she is but she is very pretty. I do not watch shows much on tv. But I love her suit. She has a very pretty face as well. Looks almost like someone I know.

    • I mostly know her from 30 Rock but she’s been in a few movies as well. She’s one of my favorite young actresses. She has a lot of potential if she picks the right projects and gets her name out there more.