written by Wanda

Katrina Bowden Is So Hot I Could Throw A Fit

I’m not kidding, guys. The first time I saw Katrina Bowden on 30 Rock, I fell in love. I fell madly, hopelessly, crazily in love. Katrina has that special something about her – that super sexy but super adorable thing – that just drives me wild. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also incredibly funny and seems to be a genuinely sweet girl. In these photos from the¬†Surf For Life¬†event in NY, Katrina looks just as sexy as I’ve come to expect but she also looks like she’s having a great time for a great cause. Katrina is pretty much the perfect woman in my eyes. I love her to bits and I love these photos just as much.

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  • she is awesome looking and what a great body, lovely caps of this hottie