written by Wanda

Katy Perry And Her Bare Butt In San Dimas

I really want to feel bad for Katy Perry and her major wardrobe malfunction here but I can’t stop giggling. I’m sure she would understand. I feel her pain. I really do. Nearly the exact thing that happened to Katy in these photos from San Dimas happened to me a few years back at the beach. I was climbing up onto some rocks to dive in the water and then my butt was hanging out for the whole beach to see. Horribly embarrassing but it differs from Katy’s experience because my little oopsie moment happened in front of a handful of people. The only people that saw my rear were the people who were on the beach. Katy’s bare button is all over the internet now. I somehow doubt she cares in the least.



  • LOL that is hilarious. It just goes to show you that stars have bad moments as well. However you would have thought she would have gotten it pulled it sooner instead of having that many photos taken of her. Surely she felt it.

  • crazy stuff, not thats im complaining

  • Come on Katy pull your suit up. How could you not know that your ass was hanging out. The air would be getting to it. How embarrassing. But it is getting her some publicity so maybe that is why she did not pull them up right away.

  • It’s embarrassing for anyone to have their ass out literally in public; however, it’s still a nice view.

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