written by Wanda

Katy Perry And Her Cleavage In Singapore

Katy Perry constantly surprises me. She’s a beautiful girl who likes to take risks with her look but every now and again, she chooses to just keep it simple. That’s what’s she’s really done here at the F1 Grand Prix of Singapore. There’s no crazy hair color and while the dress has a loud print and shows off a lot of cleavage, it’s fairly grounded compared with many of the other dresses Katy wears. She looks like the average (although smoking hot) woman here. This is an outfit any woman could wear and I love that. Sometimes all of the over the top extras Katy throws at us distract from what a beautiful girl she actually is. I do like her more out there outfits and hair styles sometimes but it’s also nice to see her go with a little less.


  • Katy Perry is smoking hot. I love her. She could wear a bed sheet and still look great. I think that she is prettiest of all when she is natural looking like she is here. Katy you really do rock.

  • if i was that reporter i would be too distracted by that huge cleavage of katy; she is so pretty but her figure is amazing her curves her legs her boobs god she is so hot.

    I wish I was that reporter guy tho to be stood so close to her and get a good look at those boobs up close lol

  • Katy has never been one of my favorites. She can not really sing that well and she is just average looking. I think that she dresses wild in order to cover up that she is not really all that great looking.

  • I think she is very nice looking personally but she has a great figure too, look at those big boobs of hers, i want them bouncing up and down in my face in my dreams i know but god she is perfect

  • Katy Perry is so pretty. I think that she is a unique singer. She may not have the best voice, but she knows how to put on a stage show and she has the face that anyone could look at for hours.

  • great face, great boobs, great body, Katy Perry is so fine