written by Wanda

Katy Perry And Her Wind Blown Dress

Katy Perry is one of my favorite popstars at the moment. She’s talented, unique and seems like she’d be a long of fun. Having lunch at Dusty’s restaurant, Katy manages to be almost understated in a lose black and white sun dress and over-sized hat; a far cry from the usual form fitting dresses we usually see her in. She still looks stunning though. In fact, I almost prefer this look. She looks more relaxed and casual – like she can actually breathe. With her protector and fiancĂ©, Russel Brand, at her side she actually looks moderately demure. On the heels of the news that Russel attacked a photographer defending her honor (the photographer was apparently trying to stick his camera lens under her skirt), Katy and Russel look closer than ever. These are one of the very few couples who seem real and genuine. I love Katy and I love these two together.

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  • cmon.. upskirt wanted to be seen :)

  • First there was fnritsog out of her boobs, then fireworks out of her coochie, next she’ll have rainbows out of her ass. And THAT’S when I’ll be impressed