written by lyn

Katy Perry And The Red Polka Dot Dress

Katy Perry really looks like a mannequin especially when wearing her signature make-up style. In her latest performance, Katy seems to be rocking the stage once again with her heart-pounding and head-banging music. The mini red polka dot dress accentuated with a red heart belt embraces the curves of the young Hot and Cold singer. Katy Perry seems to like high-waist garments a lot. If you can remember, we have featured her a few days back in her high-waist swimwear while having some fun with Rihanna in Barbados. But then, despite of that, Katy still looks pretty and cute especially when she started to get wild on stage.

Katy Perry shows panties

Katy Perry Katy Perry Katy PerryKaty Perry Katy Perry


  • weeeee … upskirt :)

  • Grrr Katy is just amazing in this pantyhose

  • Hi!!!
    She looks great, I have a forum about her, if you want to visit it, this is the link.

  • wooooops! haha

  • nice view :p

  • nice upskirt photo candids

  • Yet another hot one in pantyhose. I want to defile her right through them. Come on “good girl” let me…. that’s right.

  • Playing guitar too?!?!! She’s no Madonna! (LMAO)