written by Wanda

Katy Perry At The Arthur Premiere

I know I’ve said this before, but it bares repeating. I love Katy Perry. The only thing I like more than Katy Perry (okay, I like a lot of things more than Katy Perry, but that’s not the point) is Katy Perry and Russell Brand. I get so excited every time I see these two together. A lot of people didn’t expect these two to make it, but I had faith. Am I right in the long run? Likely not. Hollywood couples rarely last. Here at the Arthur Premiere at Cineworld O2 in London, Katy supports her husband by looking super sexy but not completely overshadowing him. I loved the little bum grope. They seem very happy and very sweet together. I hope they last.


  • beautiiful poose very halty

  • he must have destroyed her, fair play to him, I wish I had this women