written by Wanda

Katy Perry Candid Pics From Miami

Had these pictures not been labeled as Katy Perry, I’m not sure I would’ve recognized her. Not sure how that’s so considering one of Katy’s most recognizable features – her cleavage – is on full display here. All the same, I have to admit that although I love Katy, candid shots of her can be a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes she looks awesome, other times she always looks like any other girl. These pictures are sort of a combination of both. Here in Miami, Katy is looking pretty good but I’m not sure she would really stand out from most of the other girls on a typical Miami beach. With that said, that’s actually something I find appealing about Katy. She can really glam it up when she needs to, but when it’s time to relax, that’s just what she does. Love Katy and love her down to earth attitude.

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  • She looks like a girl next door without makeup. Ah, just when I thought she is someone special ^^