written by Wanda

Katy Perry Has Some Drinks By The Pool.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live a day in the life of Katy Perry. I know she works hard and I don’t envy that but I do like the idea of spending my off time by a pool in Miami sipping drinks with friends. I spend my off time pretty much the way I spend my working time – sitting in front of my computer being bombarded from all angles by kitten affection. How cool would it be to be instead spending my time by the pool, sipping a drink as I’m being bombarded from all angles by kitten affection? Pretty sweet. Granted, I wouldn’t look nearly as good as Ms. Perry does in these photos. I love seeing Katy without makeup and some sort of crazy costume. I think she’s naturally such a beautiful woman. It’s nice to see that natural beauty shining though. It’s in photos like these that she looks happiest and I appreciate that as well. I love Katy, even if she does make me a little, tiny bit jealous.


  • Very sexy! Still get sick of her songs, though

  • Love Kate perry, cant get enough of her, she is so hot

  • Katy looks amazing here, very happy. I think that she is just so pretty with or without makeup. Her face just glows. I would love to sit in a pool and have a drink or two with her like her friend is doing.