written by Wanda

Katy Perry In Maxim Photoshoot

I know Katy Perry is a touchy subject for some of this site’s regular visitors. Some of you love her and some of you hate her. I fell under the first category. I would have babies with Katy Perry. The fact that I also have a serious crush on her husband, Russell Brand, doesn’t hurt in the least. Posing for Maxim again, Katy shows off all of the things that make her so appealing – her killer body, her doll face and a little bit of that feisty personality that I love so much. She is no shrinking violet. There are so many different Katy’s – the sexy girl next door Katy, the adorable but alluring Katy, the bizarre look at me Katy and the take charge, ass kicking Katy – that she is always interesting. You never know which Katy will appear when you see photos of her and I love that more than anything else. This is a girl that loves to have fun and isn’t afraid to have a little fun with how the public perceives her. Gutsy and bold, Katy is the girl I wish I could be.

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