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Katy Perry Is A Lipstick Diva

It looks like Katy Perry is ready to kiss yet another girl! Here she is trying on new lipstick and other makeup items. The “I Kissed A Girl” singer is looking all primped up and excited. Is there a bevy of girls out there that she’s ready to strike? What I like about Katy is the fact that she’s not that “blatant” or “all out” with her “naughtiness.” She’s like the girl whom you can’t easily figure out whether she’s naughty or nice. Don’t you agree?

Katy Perry

I Kissed A Girl Katy Perry 2.jpg Katy Perry 3.jpg Katy Perry 4.jpg Katy Perry 5.jpg Katy Perry wanna kiss a girl Katy Perry 7.jpg Katy Perry 8.jpg Katy Perry 9.jpg Katy Perry 10.jpg Katy Perry 11.jpg Katy Perry 12.jpg Katy Perry 13.jpg Katy Perry 14.jpg Katy Perry 15.jpg Katy Perry proudly shows her lipstick Katy Perry 17.jpg lipstick

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  • Makes the same stupid faces as the MySpace sluts


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