written by Wanda

Katy Perry Is Stunning In This New Photo Shoot.

Katy Perry definitely has a flair for the dramatic and these photos are definitely a great example of that. With the wild hair and crazy outfits, it’s sometimes easy to forget how stunning she is underneath it all. While she’s definitely being helped out by her hair and makeup people here, the basic nature of some of these photos really gives you a chance to see how beautiful Katy really is. She has tremendous bone structure and by pulling her hair back into a tight bun, you really get to see that. I wish I could see more photos like these of Katy Perry. The first one literally made me gasp. Breathtaking. What a beautiful woman.


  • First off love the purple hair. It looks so cute on here.
    Second, the top one is drop dead gorgeous. She looks amazing. I can not believe she looks that different. But gorgeous as well. Love it.

  • Katy Perry looks beautiful in these photos. I think that she is a beautiful gal anyway and love her free spirit. But here she looks so different, and the top one looks very very model worthy.

  • fit as fuck wow

  • stunning women, great looking girl and her body is out of this world