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Katy Perry Licking Love

Katy Perry looked young at heart posing; licking a love lollipop and blowing bubbles. She received lots of attention when she tried to live up to her song, “I Kissed A Girl.” Katy did kiss a girl at her concert but nothing more came out of that. Instead, Perry has been developing her romance with her boyfriend, Travis McCoy. McCoy said that he would be jealous and object to Perry making out with a female. He revealed that he enjoyed cuddling and goofing around with Perry.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry with lollipop Katy Perry in white Katy Perry 3.jpg Katy Perry in schoolgirl outfit Katy Perry blowing bubbles Katy Perry 6.jpg Katy Perry loves lollipop Katy Perry 8.jpg Katy Perry 9.jpg Katy Perry 10.jpg Katy Perry 11.jpg Katy Perry 12.jpg Katy Perry 13.jpg Katy Perry 14.jpg

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  • Katy could be so much hotter if she wanted


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