written by Wanda

Katy Perry Looks Unusual. Who’s Surprised?

Normally, I have to say, I’m all for Katy Perry and her crazy get-ups. I love the way she mixes innocence and sexuality; wholesomeness with trashiness. Her porcelain doll looks and pin up hair have made her one of my favorite celebrities style wise. These photos of Katy for ProSieben’s Star Face campaign are a different story though. I am sad to admit, I’m not a fan. Her face is as adorable as ever. Her body’s killer. Her spunky personality shines through, but I’m finding myself a little bored. It’s the same thing we’ve already seen and, well, I expect more of Katy. I’m not disheartened though. I know the next time I see her, she’ll be wearing something fun and all will be right with the world. Today though? Well, I’m a little disappointed.

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